No Internet connection in the guest

There are reasons galore why your guest VM has no Internet connection when an analysis is fired up. Before digging into this problem, please make sure you followed the steps at Network Configuration to set up both the virtual machine and its connections. Furthermore, you should read the Per-Analysis Network Routing chapter in order to know and understand the different routing modes as well as the CAPE Rooter chapter to understand what the Rooter is.

Some considerations:

  1. dirtyline should be the interface that provides your host internet connection like eno1, not a virtual interface like virbr1. This must be configured in the routing.conf configuration file.

  2. Check is running with elevated privileges within the guest VM.

  3. Make sure you specify the correct STATIC IP in kvm.conf.

  4. Make sure you specified the correct interface in auxiliary.conf.

Also, bear in mind there are already created (and some of them solved) issues about this particular problem. For example:

PCAP Generation

If you are facing problems related to either tcpdump or the PCAP generation, take a look at this issue (#1234).


Make sure the pcap group exists in your system and that the user you use to launch CAPE (presumably the cape user) belongs to it as well as the tcpdump binary.

Make sure the correct path is specified in auxiliary.conf for tcpdump. Check the path of your local installation of tcpdump with:

$ whereis tcpdump

Check permissions of tcpdump binary. cape user must be able to run it. Also check whether you specified the correct interface in auxiliary.conf.

If you are still facing problems and the PCAP is not generating, verify the tcpdump binary belongs to the pcap group and it has the neede capabilities:

$ sudo chgrp pcap /usr/bin/tcpdump
$ sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip /usr/bin/tcpdump

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