Final Remarks

Asking for help

Please read the following rules before posting:

  • Before posting, Google about your issue. DO NOT post questions that have already been answered over and over everywhere.

  • Posting messages saying just something like “Doesn’t work, help me” is completely useless. If something is not working report the error, paste the logs, the config file, the information on the virtual machine, the results of the troubleshooting, etc. Give context. We are not wizards and we don’t have a crystal ball.

  • Use a proper title. Stuff like “Doesn’t work”, “Help me”, and “Error” are not proper titles.

  • Try to use, or similar services to paste logs and configs: makes the message more readable.

  • Github issues. Please read the Markdown documentation before posting for tips on how to escape and post configs as code blocks.

Support Us

CAPE Sandbox is a completely open source software, released freely to the public and developed mostly during free time by volunteers. If you enjoy it and want to see it kept developed and updated, please consider supporting us.

We are always looking for financial support, hardware support, and contributions of any sort. If you’re interested in cooperating, feel free to contact us.


CAPE Sandbox is an open source project resulting from the efforts and contributions of a lot of people who enjoyed volunteering some of their time for the greater good :).

Active Developers



Kevin O’Reilly

Lead Developer

Andriy Brukhovetskyy

Lead Developer